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Vegan Nacho Cheese

2 Dec

Sundays during football season mean one thing to me-nachos!

I can remember going to freezing November football games in high school and ordering nachos at the food stand. Back then (and probably still now, knowing my high school) the cheese came out of a machine, already warm and thick and spicy. After walking all the way back to the stands, the cheese-coated chips were limp and easy to shovel into your mouth with partially frozen fingers.

This recipe brings me back to that and has slowly become my favorite recipe for nacho cheese. We were out of a Daiya one weekend and I decided to wing it with a traditional vegan cheese sauce. I wasn’t disappointed-it’s the same cheesy taste with more spreadability.

This would be really great with salsa mixed in or on top of enchiladas. Leave a comment below if you have any different ways you would use this!

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