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BBQ Jackfruit Ribs

24 Feb

My husband has been vegetarian for over 15 years, yet he still answers “ribs” when asked his favorite food. Last year for Father’s Day I made him these juicy, chewy, meaty jackfruit ribs and they’ve become a regular meal in our house since then.

Jackfruit has been floating around in the vegan world for a few years now, usually as a pulled pork substitute.  It works great to add a shredded texture to these seitan ribs!

I add refined coconut oil and peanut butter to give them a fattier texture, but you could easily substitute both of those out for a more firm result. I also use ground dried shittake mushrooms to add a little “umami”. I find whole shittake mushrooms at my local international store and grind them and store in a jar. If you don’t have these available to you, feel free to omit it.

This recipe calls for an Instant Pot, but if you don’t have one you can use a steamer to steam the ribs or an oven to bake them, whichever is your preference. They are very versatile!


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Big Mac Pizza

21 Feb

Well hello again. Have you missed me?

This has been quite the hiatus. I bet you’re wondering where I was. Well, I was here; still in the Midwest. In case you missed it on my Instagram, last year in October I had a second baby and since that time I’ve been pretty busy.

But I still think about little old Avocados and Ales all the time. Especially when Buzzfeed links to my page. Or Mary’s Test Kitchen makes an amazing video featuring my aquafaba cheese. Seriously, go check the video out, Mary has a way of making everything look easy.

I bet you’re wondering if I would come back with a recipe. It was hard to choose; I’ve been cooking throughout my hiatus but a lot of it is the same old standards. However, I’m constantly looking for something fun to veganize. My friend  MeShell inspired this Big Mac pizza and I’ve made it multiple times since.

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Does Nonsense Ever Search for Me?

5 Feb

“why do I search nonsense”
“does nonsense ever search for me”

The long awaited vegan spam is finally here thanks to!

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve randomly thought, “I could really go for a fried spam sandwich right now,” since going vegan 11 years ago, but I never really thought the day would come. I was so happy to find these available at @shopvejii, one of my favorite places to find new vegan products and goodies!!
Of course I had to try them in a classic musubi for #sushisaturday, and I’m happy to say they were well received, even by my little ones.

Have you gotten to try the new luncheon meat yet?? If so, what have or what would you make with it? I have a whole second package to use up so I need ideas!

Does nonsense ever search for me?

Nonsense will always be searching for you. Scrounging with it’s scratching claws on your doors. It never stops searching. It never stops finding. There’s no stopping the nonsense.

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