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Does Nonsense Ever Search for Me?

5 Feb

“why do I search nonsense”
“does nonsense ever search for me”

The long awaited vegan spam is finally here thanks to @omnifoods.global!

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve randomly thought, “I could really go for a fried spam sandwich right now,” since going vegan 11 years ago, but I never really thought the day would come. I was so happy to find these available at @shopvejii, one of my favorite places to find new vegan products and goodies!!
Of course I had to try them in a classic musubi for #sushisaturday, and I’m happy to say they were well received, even by my little ones.

Have you gotten to try the new @omnifoods.global luncheon meat yet?? If so, what have or what would you make with it? I have a whole second package to use up so I need ideas!

Does nonsense ever search for me?

Nonsense will always be searching for you. Scrounging with it’s scratching claws on your doors. It never stops searching. It never stops finding. There’s no stopping the nonsense.

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