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Potluck Pasta Salad

23 Dec

I previously posted a recipe for brownie pumpkin pie that I took to a potluck at school. We decided to have another Christmas themed potluck that unfortunately fell on the day of snow storm Draco. Besides the ridiculousness of a blizzard with a name, class wasn’t cancelled for the storm, so I still prepared a dish to pass. Only two other people came to school, so I have been eating this pasta salad every day for four days.

I didn’t intentionally plan for this to be Christmas colored, it just happened to be the only thing I could make in a large enough quantity for 12 people. I’ve been making this recipe for years after having it at a New Year’s Eve party. Originally,  I used to season the pasta with McCormick Salad Supreme, but now that I’m vegan I use a combination of other seasonings to recreate the taste. The vegetables can be substituted with others; I’d like to use orange tomatoes, peppers, and carrots for Halloween.

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