Vegan Candy Cane Macarons

25 May

I’ve been making macarons obsessively for the past few weeks. Thanks to Charis at Floral Frosting and the amazing vegan meringue group on Facebook, aquafaba has taken over my refrigerator.Candy Cane Macarons

My poor coworkers have had to eat dozens of my experiments, but I get the feeling they don’t really mind. Since today is Memorial Day in the US, I thought I’d make something red and white to be festive. These would be perfect around Christmas time or at a fourth of July party!

Candy Cane Macarons

If the directions aren’t clear enough, Charis just posted a video on her blog that makes it easier to visualize the process!

• 1/3 cup aquafaba, reduced from 3/4 cup
• 1/4 cup plus 3 tbsp granulated sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla extract and a few drops peppermint extract
• 1 1/4 cup almond meal
• 1/2 cup powdered sugar

• 1 cup powdered sugar
• 2 tbsp shortening
• 2 tbsp vegan butter
• 1 tbsp of plantmilk
• 1-2 candy canes, crushed

1. Sift almond meal and powdered sugar together in a fine mesh seive into a large bowl. Process any large bits in a spice grinder and sift. Discard any thing that doesn’t sift.
2. Reduce aquafaba down from 3/4 cup and set aside to cool. Once cool, whip aquafaba until soft peaks form. Add a few drops of vinegar if peaks don’t develop easily. When peaks are stiff and no longer move if you tilt the bowl, start adding sugar. Slowly add the sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time and continue whipping until mixture is shiny and thick. It should be almost like marshmallow fluff, so this could take some time. Add vanilla extract and beat for 1 more minute.

3. Sift half of the almond/sugar mix into your meringue and gently stir with downward strokes of the spatula. incorporate. Sift in the other half and again, gently stir until most of the mixture is incorporated.
4. Perform 15-20 strokes of macaronnage. (Watch a YouTube video or two of how to perform this.)
5. Spoon batter into a piping bag and pipe into 2″ circles on a parchment lined baking sheet. Give them room to spread. After all the batter is piped, tap on the counter multiple times. Repeat 3-5 times, this is to form the feet.
6. Let dry for up to two hours, until tops are no longer shiny or sticky. They should bounce back a little when you tap on them.
7. Preheat oven 210°F. Place baking sheet on top rack and bake for 30 minutes, then turn oven off and let rest inside for 15 minutes. Crack the door for the next 15 minutes, then set aside to cool.

8. While macaron shells are cooling, beat together butter and shortening until fluffy. Add powdered sugar and beat until completely incorporated, pour in plant milk and beat until fluffy. Mix in candy cane bits.
9. When shells are completely dry, peel of parchment paper and pipe buttercream filling onto half the shells. Top with another similar sized shell.
10. Refrigerate for 24 hours to let filling and shells completely mingle.

Candy Cane Macarons


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