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Review: Hampton Creek Just Cookie Dough

23 Oct

We received a package on the front porch today…Ilyana was very intrigued by the labels on the side, I was quite curious to see what was inside. I’m currently waiting on another package, so it could have been either one. I won a contest on the Hampton Creek facebook page, so they were sending me a jar of cookie dough to try, but I’m also waiting on a hoodie from their “justashelfie” promotion. I’ve talked about Hampton Creek in my recent posts, so if you need to catch up, please look back to the mayonnaise cake and chipotle chickpea salad.


It’s cookie dough! It was packaged in a cold pack and I could feel how chilled it was when I opened the box.


She was just as excited as I was.


I love their simple packaging-good food doesn’t always need excessive labels.

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