Review: Hampton Creek Just Cookie Dough

23 Oct

We received a package on the front porch today…Ilyana was very intrigued by the labels on the side, I was quite curious to see what was inside. I’m currently waiting on another package, so it could have been either one. I won a contest on the Hampton Creek facebook page, so they were sending me a jar of cookie dough to try, but I’m also waiting on a hoodie from their “justashelfie” promotion. I’ve talked about Hampton Creek in my recent posts, so if you need to catch up, please look back to the mayonnaise cake and chipotle chickpea salad.


It’s cookie dough! It was packaged in a cold pack and I could feel how chilled it was when I opened the box.


She was just as excited as I was.


I love their simple packaging-good food doesn’t always need excessive labels.

Hampton Creek advertises their cookie dough as “all natural, affordable, dairy-free, sustainable, cholesterol-free, allergy friendly, and delicious.” They have a great calculator on their website that calculates how many resources you’ve saved by not eating standard cookies, based on how many Just Cookies, you’ve eaten-thus far I’ve saved 174 quarts of water and 15 square feet of land.


Ily liked it too, although she did bat it off the couch. She’s in a phase where she likes to drop everything just to see how it falls. Fortunately the plastic container is pretty durable, perfect for when you have to tear it away from your spouse.


These are good directions. Just grab a spoon and eat it. I think I will obey.


I didn’t pay attention to the 110 calories per tablespoon until I went back through these pictures….oops. Breastfeeding women need 600 calories for breakfast, right?


Look at all those chocolate chips! They certainly fill their packaging right to the top, no skimping here. image

I could barely wait any longer, I had to taste it!!


Yes, I did eat that whole spoonful. And another one.  So yum.

This stuff is perfect. I wish I had some ice cream to mix it into, because cookie dough ice cream was one of my favorites while growing up. I’ve had vegan cookie dough before, but this stuff hits the notes of homemade cookie dough without the grittiness. I could probably eat the whole container raw, but in the interest of all my readers, I had to try it baked too. image

I figured I had to try it baked, otherwise this wouldn’t be a fair review. The directions say to cook it on a lined pan at 375, but I seemed to have missed the lined part.image

I baked for about 10 minutes (directions say 9-11.) They spread out perfectly and turned a nice golden brown. However, I did realize why lining the pan was necessary, as I had to use a spatula to get them off the pan.  They definitely had a little bit a chew to them, with a crunchy outside. Next time I might pull them out at 8 minutes, just to see if they are a little softer (I like my cookies very soft.) image

Besides having that delicious cookie flavor, they have a fantastic texture. I’m pretty surprised by how well they baked, honestly, because most prepackaged cookie dough that I’ve tried is great raw, but one they’re baked, it’s pretty disappointing. These did not disappoint…not one bit.wpid-20141022_095102.jpgOf course, I had to try it with milk.

I think these cookies were made for milk. Such a good combination. I used almond milk, but any plant milk would be fantastic.

My mind is reeling with all the exciting possibilities for the rest of my jar. I think ice cream sandwiches are next, possibly followed by truffles dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Too many options.

Hampton Creek just debuted the Just Cookie Dough in Whole Foods, so go check your local shelves to see if it’s there!

Now, please excuse me. I have one more cookie to eat.


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