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Chickwheat Shreds 

17 Dec

I live in a large town in Illinois, and we are lucky to have an abundance of local stores that sell chickpeas. Most of the time I wonder why I lived so much of my life without the joys of baked chickpeas and I spend an exorbitant amount of my free time planning what I’m going to do with my next batch of chickpeas, because I buy them in 5 pound bags and always am looking for new recipes.

I enjoy seitan making as much as I enjoy chickpeas. If you’ve followed my Instagram lately, you have seen how much seitan I’ve been experimenting with. This recipe was the result of running out of tofu and not being able to leave the house with two small children. The chickpeas add lysine (and lots of flavor) to the seitan and the method used to knead the seitan gives it a great shredded texture. I add a bit of apple cider vinegar to the recipe to cancel out the strong gluten flavor, but feel free to omit if you don’t have it.

This recipe is pretty dependent on an Instant Pot for similar results. If you have a conventional steamer, you may possibly be able to achieve a similar result if you are able to maintain the steam for 2 hours. If not, try making several smaller packets and steaming for an hour. Edit: since the writing of this recipe, many people have tested different cooking methods and steaming on the stove top or in a stove top pressure cooker works well!

Most food processors come with a dough hook, it’s just a plastic thingamabob that kneads instead of chops. If you don’t have one, or can’t find it, you should be able to get a similar texture with your metal blade. Just be sure to process long enough that it comes together and turns stringy and taffy like. You can also use a Kitchen Aid with a dough hook for 15 minutes or longer.

I prefer to weigh the ingredients in this recipe, as I think it yields the most consistent results, but I have included volume measurements for most of the ingredients if you don’t have a kitchen scale.

For those of you who prefer recipe videos, check out this one from Mary’s Test Kitchen!

If you make this recipe, please use the tag #chickwheat on Instagram or public Facebook posts! I’d love to see your creations!!

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Almond Birthday Cake Dacquoise

29 Sep

What does one do when one has leftover cake?

Well, if you’re me, you bake it into an entirely new cake! I have gotten such a positive response on my birthday cake macarons, I wanted to make a birthday cake flavored dacquoise. I didn’t feel that hazelnut would go well with this flavor, so I chose to only use almonds to keep the flavor mild.
Almond Birthday Cake Dacquoise

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Almond Birthday Cake Dacquoise

Be sure to also check out the vegan meringue Facebook group for more amazing aquafaba recipes and Aquafaba.com for frequently asked questions.

Almond Birthday Cake Dacquoise

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Pizza Hummus

4 Sep

If you’ve read any other recipes on this site, you’ll surely notice that I’ve mentioned my favorite foods are pizza and sushi.

A few weeks ago, someone shared a recipe for pizza hummus from Chocolate Covered Katie and I knew my next batch was going to have to be pizza flavored. Since the prompt for yesterday’s VeganMoFo was “quick, easy, and delicious” this recipe seemed like a great choice.

We’ve gone through a lot of chickpeas making aquafaba, but when I make hummus, I make a LOT of hummus. We eat all but a small portion, and then we don’t want hummus again for weeks. I like to use my chickpeas as protein in other recipes like this curry, this chipotle chickpea salad, and fried rice.

I haven’t had a beer recommendation in a while, but despite the hot weather, we’re already in pumpkin beer mode here. I’m currently drinking this Pumpkin Smasher from a local brewery in Illinois.


(I borrowed this picture from their website.) I usually stick to the Pumpkin Ale from Schlafly brewery but this is a nice alternative. Speaking of Schlafly, I spent 2 hours on my birthday weekend touring the facilities with the owner. It was quite the birthday present and we got to try plenty of samples, straight from the tap.


But back to hummus…I’ve found the key to silky smooth hummus is removing the skins. This takes forever, but is totally worth the effort and becomes kind of relaxing after a while. I suggest washing your hands thoroughly beforehand, as you don’t want any icky germs in your hummus.

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Chipotle Chickpea Salad

17 Oct

I’ve already expressed my obsession with Just Mayo in my previous post, and I was excited to find the Chipotle mayo in a nearby store. I should be receiving a jar of their new product Just Cookie Dough in the mail next week, so I plan on doing a review here. Check back for it!

I wanted to use the Chipotle mayo for something more exciting than just a sandwich, and I couldn’t imagine a better application than in chickpea salad. I love recipes for chickpea salad as a tuna salad/chicken salad replacement because I grew up eating those for lunch over the summer. The chipotle mayo adds a really nice kick; I would love to try this with some chopped cilantro or in a lettuce wrap.  You could even serve this as a warm dip with hot sauce and chips.

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